Best Cheap Pool Cues

the Best Cheap Pool Cues with Quality and Affordability (2024)

Embarking on the journey to becoming adept at the classic game of pool, whether it’s for the casual clink of balls in the basement or the competitive silence of a billiards hall, begins with one crucial choice – selecting the right cue. Picture this: a dimly lit room, the air thick with concentration, a steady hand, and the perfect cue that feels like an extension of your arm. It’s an image that many aspiring champions hold dear, yet the path to acquiring such a talisman often leads to a common hurdle – the price.

For enthusiasts on a budget, the quest for the best cheap pool cue can be riddled with uncertainty. It’s a delicate balance, navigating between affordability and quality. Many players have felt the sting of a poorly made cue; the unwelcome vibration upon impact, the gradual warping of wood, or the quick deterioration of the grip. It’s a familiar pain point that resonates deeply within the community, reminding us that sometimes, what seems like a bargain can cost us our game.

However, not all hope is lost. The market today offers some hidden gems that don’t demand a king’s ransom. I’ve scoured through countless options and play-tested the promising candidates, and now I’m ready to share the findings. The goal is to equip you with a pool cue that won’t break the bank but will still allow you to break the rack with confidence and precision. A best cheap pool cue isn’t just a myth; it’s a reality waiting to be grasped, and I’m here to guide you to it – twice over, to ensure you don’t miss it amidst the clutter of options.

Top Picks
Best Cheap Pool Cues

Billiard Depot Pool Cue

  • 4pcs of 58″ pool cues
  • Hardwood shaft, Standard weight
  • 5/16×18 Joint
Best Cheap Pool Cues


  • (pack of 4) 2-piece wooden cue
  • Stainless steel joint 5/16-18
  • Weight: 19oz, 19.5 oz, 20oz, 21oz
Best Cheap Pool Cues

GSE Fiberglass Pool Cue

  • 12.7mm multi-layer leather tip
  • 3/8-10 stainless steel joint
  • The Veltex micro-fiber non-slip grip

Top 5 Best Cheap Pool Cues

Billiard Depot (SET15~18) Pool Cue

  • 4pcs of 58″ pool cues
  • Hardwood shaft, Standard weight
  • 5/16×18 Joint
  • Beautiful Overlay Decal Butts
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

Crafted with precision and care, the Billiard Depot (SET15~18) Pool Cue set stands out in the world of billiards accessories. This impressive collection includes four 58″ pool cues, each boasting a robust hardwood shaft designed to withstand the rigors of residential play. The cues are tipped with durable 13mm leather, ensuring solid, reliable contact with the ball every time. The joints are constructed with a 5/16×18 thread, offering a secure fit and easy assembly, while the standard weight feels balanced and comfortable in hand, perfect for both beginners and seasoned players.

Investing in this set not only adds aesthetic appeal to your game with its beautifully designed overlay decal butt, but it also offers an unmatched level of playability that enhances your performance on the table. The cues provide a consistent and smooth stroke, which is essential for building confidence and skill in your game. Their reliability is a boon for residential use, where the game’s enjoyment is often shared among friends and family. With this set, you’re guaranteed to have a cue that suits your style and improves your game, making it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their billiards experience without breaking the bank.

The Billiard Depot pool cues shine as a main feature in their balance of quality and affordability. These cues are an economical choice that doesn’t skimp on quality. The attention to detail in the construction ensures longevity, meaning they are a cost-effective investment in your leisure time. The cues’ sleek design and professional feel echo cues at a higher price point, offering you the best value for your money. Simple to use, easy to maintain, and guaranteed to perform, these cues are a smart pick for anyone keen on honing their skills at the pool table.

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  • Ideal for those who want quality without overspending
  • It offers a comfortable and familiar feel
  • Set of four allows for multiple players or backups
  • Reliable performance cue to cue


  • less room for personal preference adjustments

FADAZAI (FDP013) Pool Cue

  • (pack of 4) 2-piece wooden cue
  • Stainless steel joint 5/16-18
  • 13mm 6 layers leather cue tips
  • Weight: 19oz, 19.5 oz, 20oz, 21oz
  • Length: 58 inch

When you rack the balls on the pool table, the importance of a reliable cue cannot be overstated. The FADAZAI Pool Cue pack offers a quartet of two-piece 58-inch wooden sticks, catering to a range of players with weights varying from 19 to 21 ounces. The stainless steel 5/16-18 joint is a standout feature, providing a solid hit and consistent feedback. Each cue is adorned with a 13mm leather tip composed of six layers, promising precision and control on every shot.

The benefits of the FADAZAI cues extend beyond their technical specs. With four different weights, players can select the cue that best complements their playing style, whether they’re power breakers or finesse shooters. The wrapless handle design not only gives the sticks a sleek, modern look but also offers a comfortable grip for extended play sessions. This set is a boon for casual home games and could very well be the bridge between amateur play and more serious, skillful engagements with the sport.

The main feature of these cues, however, is their user-centric after-sales policy. Any issue with the cues is addressed with a promise of an 8-hour email response time—a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and commitment to customer satisfaction. From personal experience, such assurance is not only comforting but adds value to the purchase. Whether you’re lining up a tricky bank shot or a straightforward eight-ball, these cues hold up to the test, making them a commendable choice for any pool enthusiast looking for the best bang for their buck without compromising on quality.

Here are some best cues for you…


  • Suitable for various play styles
  • A stainless steel joint ensures durability
  • Wrapless handle for a comfortable and steady grip
  • Responsive after-sales service with an 8-hour email reply promise


  • While versatile, the cues may not cater to those who prefer more customization

GSE Fiberglass Pool Cue

  •  Made from fiberglass and titanium
  • 12.7mm multi-layer leather tip
  • 3/8-10 stainless steel joint
  • The Veltex micro-fiber non-slip grip
  • 58″ length and weight is 18,19,20,21 oz

The GSE Fiberglass Pool Cue sets itself apart with its high-strength fiberglass and titanium composite build, ensuring a playing experience that’s both consistent and dependable. The sleek matte finish not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also provides a protective layer against wear and tear. Its two-piece design is not just for aesthetics; it simplifies transport and storage, making it a smart choice for pool players on the go. With lengths suitable for most adult players and weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces, this cue can accommodate a variety of styles and preferences.

What truly makes the GSE Fiberglass Pool Cue a standout is the level of control and precision it offers. The 12.7mm multi-layer leather tip, secured with a 1-inch quality fiber ferrule, is engineered for enhanced ball contact, providing a tactile and responsive feel with every shot. The warp-resistant fiberglass construction ensures the cue stays straight, eliminating worries about environmental factors affecting play. Additionally, the Veltex micro-fiber non-slip grip allows for a steady hand, and the black rubber bumper safeguards the cue’s integrity, ensuring your investment remains in pristine condition.

Having personally tested the GSE Fiberglass Pool Cue, the most notable feature is the cue’s balance and smooth stroke. The 3/8-10 stainless steel joint system contributes to a consistent and solid feel, while the lightweight ABS joint collar and trim rings add a subtle flair without being overbearing. Whether placed upright on the ground or poised for the perfect break, this pool cue exudes a sense of quality that is both seen and felt. Its reliable construction and thoughtful design elements make it a valuable asset for any pool player looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

Here are some best American cues for you…


  • Warp resistant
  • Precise tip for better shot control
  • Non-slip grip for comfort
  • Rubber bumper for protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Fiberglass feel differs from traditional wood

ISZY Billiards 2 Piece Pool Cue

  • Hardwood Canadian maple wood 
  • 13mm fiber Ferrule
  • Steel joint
  • 21-ounce cue

The ISZY Billiards 2 Piece Pool Cue stands out with its vibrant pink color, providing a unique aesthetic that catches the eye. Crafted from high-quality Canadian Maple wood, it boasts a sturdy steel joint and a 13mm fiber ferrule that complement its robust build. The cue’s tip is a glue-on leather variant, known for its reliability, and it’s finished with a classic Irish linen wrap, offering both comfort and style at a standard 21 ounces.

When you choose the ISZY Billiards Pool Cue, you’re opting for an accessory that promises to elevate your game. The solid construction and quality materials result in a cue that delivers consistent performance. Its well-balanced weight makes it suitable for players who prefer a bit more heft to their cue, aiding in more powerful breaks and precise shots. The Irish linen wrap ensures a steady grip, reducing slippage and enhancing accuracy during play.

In my hands, the ISZY Billiards Cue has proven to be a reliable companion on the pool table. The hardwood Canadian Maple construction provides a comfortable, balanced feel, making each shot both smooth and controlled. The steel joint is a testament to the cue’s durability, ensuring a tight, secure fit every time. The leather tip and fiber ferrule offer excellent ball control, giving me the confidence to make even the most challenging shots. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this cue is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to bring a touch of personality and quality to their game.

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  • Ensuring longevity and resistance to warping
  • Make for an eye-catching cue
  • Provide stability and consistent cue ball contact
  • Good balance between control and power for various shots


  • Pink color may not appeal to all players


  • Size; 58-inch
  • Graphite Material
  • Professional Skill Level
  • Stainless Steel joint
  • Weight 19 Ounces

The LING LI TE LLT Pool Cue stands out with its high-grade graphite construction, weighing a comfortable 19 ounces, ideal for those who take their billiards seriously. It boasts a sleek frame composed of graphite and stainless steel, designed to meet the demands of professional-level skill. The cue is not just about strength; it’s crafted with precision in mind, offering a low-deflection shaft that seasoned players will appreciate.

One of the significant benefits of this cue is its durability. The high-strength fiberglass and titanium composite shaft ensures longevity, even with frequent use. Its robust stainless steel joint adds to the cue’s resilience, promising that it won’t break or warp easily. The matte spray paint not only adds a professional finish but also maintains its appearance over time. This cue is an excellent investment for serious players who need reliable equipment that performs consistently well.

The main feature of the LING LI TE LLT Pool Cue is its user-friendly two-piece design, which simplifies transport and storage—a boon for players on the go. I’ve found this design invaluable when traveling to tournaments or stashing it in a closet after practice. The variety of colors and weights available allows for a personalized touch, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for any player’s style and preference. With its professional-grade features and versatile design, this cue is a solid choice for both home enthusiasts and bar owners looking for quality game equipment.

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  • The cue is exceptionally durable
  • resistant to bending or warping
  • Matte finish and stainless steel joint give it a professional look
  • More accurate shots


  • The matte finish may require regular cleaning

Buying Guide for Best Cheap Pool Cues

When searching for the best cheap pool cue, consider the cue’s weight and balance, which should match your comfort for steady shots. Look for a durable material like hardwood or composite that can withstand frequent use. Ensure the tip is well-constructed and attached, as it affects shot accuracy. Check the joint quality for a snug fit, preventing wobble. Lastly, opt for cues with a good grip to maintain control during play. Affordable doesn’t have to mean low quality—seek the best value within your budget.


Finding the best cheap pool cue is about balancing cost with quality. It’s essential to choose a cue that feels right in your hands, offers durability, and maintains performance on the table. While you may not need professional-grade equipment, investing in a well-crafted cue can significantly enhance your game. Remember, a reliable cue stick is an investment in your billiards journey, ensuring enjoyable and competitive play without breaking the bank. Choose wisely and enjoy the game!


What should I look for when buying a cheap pool cue?

When buying a cheap pool cue, look for a straight stick with a firm tip, comfortable grip, and a weight that suits your playing style. Ensure the joints are well-constructed and the cue is balanced to provide a smooth stroke.

Can a cheap pool cue still be of good quality?

Yes, a cheap pool cue can still offer good quality. Many brands provide affordable cues made with decent materials suitable for casual play and beginners. The key is to read reviews and check the specifications to ensure it meets your needs.

How do I maintain my pool cue to make it last longer?

To maintain your pool cue, keep it in a case when not in use to protect it from dust and humidity. Clean the shaft regularly with a soft cloth and avoid leaning it against walls or dropping it to prevent warping.

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