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Best Pool Cue For Beginners (2024)

As a beginner, having the right equipment is essential for skill development and improvement. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for pool players is the pool cue. Selecting the best pool cue for beginners can significantly impact your game, providing the right balance, weight, and feel that new players need to learn effectively and improve their game. The perfect cue can help in developing precision, control, and confidence in every shot made.

The array of pool cues available in the market is extensive, ranging from basic models to ones that are used by professionals. Each type of cue has unique features, materials, and designs that can cater to different needs and preferences. For beginners, the emphasis should be on finding a cue that offers durability, reliability, and comfort at a reasonable price. The right cue should be an extension of the player, allowing them to focus on mastering the basics of the pool without getting distracted by equipment issues. It should be of the correct length and weight to suit the player’s stature, enabling effective learning and consistent performance.

With numerous brands, types, and designs to choose from, selecting the best cue may seem daunting to novice players. Guidance and information about the factors to consider when choosing a pool cue can prove invaluable. This includes understanding the different parts of a cue, such as a tip, shaft, and butt, as well as the materials used in their construction. With the right pool cue in hand, beginners can embark on their learning journey with confidence, ready to face the challenges and joys that the game of pool brings.

Top Picks
best pool cue for beginners


  • 58-inch length.
  • Special Selected Canadian Maple Cue Shaft.
  • Heavy Duty Fiber Cue Tip 6 Layered Leather Tip.
best pool cue for beginners

Players Billiard Cue

  • Dark Purple Color.
  • Slip-free grip.
  • Stainless steel joint.
best pool cue for beginners

Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

  • Autumn Orange Color.
  • Irish Linen Grip.
  • Maple Shaft.

5 Best Pool Cue for Beginners


  • 58-inch length
  • Special Selected Canadian Maple Cue Shaft
  • Stainless Steel, Quick-Release CUESOUL ‘ROCKET’ PIN
  • Heavy Duty Fiber Cue Tip 6 Layered Leather Tip

The CUESOUL SOOCOO pool cue is a marvel of design and functionality, tailored for those who seek precision and power in their game. The cue is crafted from specially selected Canadian Maple, ensuring not only aesthetic brilliance but also exceptional durability and performance. At a length of 58 inches, it provides superior control and balance. Complemented by the advanced stainless steel, quick-release CUESOUL ‘ROCKET’ PIN, changing shafts becomes incredibly swift and effortless, allowing for adaptable gameplay and enhanced convenience.

The benefits of choosing the CUESOUL SOOCOO pool cue are manifold. The heavy-duty fiber cue tip, made from 6 layers of quality leather, offers consistent and accurate shots. This meticulous construction enhances spin, control, and contact with the ball, enabling players to execute skilled shots with utmost confidence. The robust make ensures the cue’s longevity, making it a valuable investment for both casual and competitive players, providing unmatched performance in every game.

Among its many superb features, the most prominent is the quick-release CUESOUL ‘ROCKET’ PIN. This innovative technology guarantees a secure, reliable connection, ensuring that the cue is always in optimal condition for play. This key feature, along with the cue’s top-grade materials and design, solidifies the CUESOUL SOOCOO pool cue as a paramount choice for players aiming for perfection in their pool-playing journey.

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  • Superior durability and performance
  • Excellent balance and control
  • Consistent and accurate shots


  • Expensive Cues

2. Players Billiard Pool Cue

  • Dark Purple Color
  • Slip-free grip
  • Stainless steel joint
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces

Immerse yourself in the world of billiards with the exquisite Players pool cue, characterized by its alluring dark purple color. This cue combines both form and function, featuring a solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap ensuring a classic, slip-free grip, and a resilient stainless steel joint collar with a 5/16 x 18 pin. The 13mm premium Le Professional Le Pro tip guarantees that your cue holds its shape for an extended period, offering consistent play and a solid hit every time you strike the ball.

The Players pool cue brings you multifaceted benefits that enhance your gaming experience significantly. The double-pressed Irish linen wrap provides superior grip control, allowing for more precise and controlled shots. Its stainless steel joint collar assures a rock-solid hit, lending more power and accuracy to your game. Available in weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces in half-ounce increments, you can select the one that perfectly suits your playing style, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency.

Highlighting the main feature, the 13mm premium Le Professional Le Pro tip stands out for its exceptional durability and consistency. Crafted from hard oak leather by Tweeten, this tip holds its shape longer than ordinary tips, ensuring you more uniform and consistent play. This integral feature is instrumental in enhancing your performance, giving you a competitive edge in every game. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Player’s Pool Cue promises top-notch performance and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and sturdy equipment investment.

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  • reliable, slip-free grip
  • A stainless steel joint collar ensures a rock-solid hit
  • Half-ounce increments allow personalized weight choice
  • Lifetime Warranty: Assures the cue’s durability and quality


Offering limited color options

3. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

  • Autumn Orange Color
  • Irish Linen Grip
  •  Joint Type Stainless Steel 5/16 x 18
  •  Maple Shaft 
  • Leather Tip

The Valhalla Cue by Viking stands as a pinnacle of precision and style in the cue sports world. Crafted for high performance, it offers a weight range of 18-21 ounces, tailored for player preference. Its high-impact resin ferrule and comfortable Irish linen grip enhance control and comfort. The cue features a sleek black joint collar with nickel silver rings, connecting to a sturdy stainless steel joint. Its 13mm diameter single-shaft is 29 inches long, made of maple with a pro taper for consistent play. The medium-hard leather tip ensures accuracy and finesse in shots. With a lifetime warranty and adjustable weight, Valhalla Cue is a top choice for players seeking quality and performance.

Investing in the Valhalla cue translates to a myriad of benefits for any player. Its high-tech engineering results in unparalleled performance on the billiards table, ensuring accurate shots and control over every move. The weight adjustability option allows for tailoring the cue to individual preferences, catering to a wide range of playing styles. The Irish linen grip guarantees a comfortable and slip-free hold, enhancing overall accuracy. Additionally, the lifetime warranty is a testament to the cue’s durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in its longevity, offering peace of mind for years to come.

The Valhalla cue’s standout feature lies in its meticulous engineering, boasting a fusion of cutting-edge technology and stylish design. Its high-impact resin ferrule and pro taper shaft ensure consistent power and precision, making it an invaluable companion for players striving for excellence in their game. This cue represents not just a tool but a testament to Viking’s commitment to crafting cues that embody both science and style, elevating the billiards experience to new heights.

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  • Offering top-tier performance
  • Customizable weight options
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Stylish Design


  • Medium Tip Hardness

4. GSE pool cue

  • high gloss epoxy paint finish
  • multi-layer leather tip
  • black rubber bumper
  • 58″ in length

The GSE Pool Cue is a symbol of premium quality and impeccable design. Crafted with an A-grade Canadian hardwood maple shaft and an Australian hardwood butt, this pool cue ensures superior durability and performance. The cue showcases a marvelous multi-layer leather tip, quick-release stainless steel joint technology, and a solid black nylon line wrap, ensuring it stands out in both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Embrace the benefit of consistent, professional-level gameplay with the GSE Pool Cue. The cue’s detailed construction prevents fading and warping, allowing for lasting elegance and smooth play. Available in four different weights, it provides customized gameplay for every player. The two-piece design ensures easy transport and storage, making it a convenient choice for pool enthusiasts of all levels.

The GSE Pool Cue’s main feature is its impressive 12mm glued-on multi-layer leather tip paired with a 0.5″ quality fiber ferrule. This element guarantees precise shots and optimal control, enhancing your game experience. With the addition of a robust black rubber bumper, the cue butt is highly resistant to falls, ensuring the longevity of your investment. And with a one-year limited warranty, the GSE Pool Cue is not just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment in your pool game excellence.

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  • Advanced Design
  • Protection Against Damage
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty


  • Some players might prefer an adjustable weight system

5. GARSEN Pool Cue

  • Material Metal
  • All Skill Level
  • Weigh 18 oz,19 oz,20 oz,21 oz
  • In One Size

Dive into the world of cutting-edge pool cues with the GARSEN Pool Cue. Direct sales from the source manufacturers assure not only unmatched quality but also cost-efficiency, eliminating middleman markup. The innovation doesn’t stop there; the GARSEN Pool Cue is a marvel of modern technology with its latest 3D printing features, blending the high-tech with traditional craftsmanship. Each cue is adorned with a unique, handmade painting, offering not just a tool for the game, but a piece of art.

Owning a GARSEN Pool Cue is embracing a world of advantages. With choices of weights ranging from 18 oz to 21 oz, players can find the perfect balance and feel for their gameplay, enhancing performance. The combination of technology and artistry provides not just a durable and high-performing cue stick but also a stylish and standout piece, sure to catch the eye and admiration of fellow players.

The paramount feature of the GARSEN Pool Cue is the utilization of the latest 3D printing technology. This advanced technique ensures precision, consistency, and utmost quality in the creation of each cue. The handmade painting on each cue stick further personalizes each piece, making your GARSEN Pool Cue not just a game accessory, but a personal statement and a testament to your commitment to quality and style. Plus, with a generous two-year free replacement policy, your investment is secured for continued enjoyment and competitive play.

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  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Artistic Design
  • Two-year free replacement


  • Leather and handmade painting may require additional care and maintenance

Buying Guide for the Best Pool Cues for Beginners

When searching for the best pool cues for beginners, consider several key factors to ensure you make the right choice. Start with the length and weight of the cue. A standard cue is about 57-58 inches long, and beginners need to choose a weight (usually between 18-21 oz) that feels comfortable and balanced.

Material quality is crucial for durability and performance. Opt for cues made from quality woods like maple or ash for longevity. Pay attention to the tip; a leather tip offers better ball control. A cue with a two-piece design is easier to transport and store.

Look for cues with a straight, smooth finish for a comfortable grip and better playability. Make sure to check the warranty and after-sales service, ensuring you can easily replace or repair your cue if needed. It’s worth investing in a slightly pricier cue for better overall quality and performance, ensuring a great start in your billiards journey


Selecting the best pool cue for beginners involves thoughtful consideration of several aspects including length, weight, material, and design. Opting for quality hardwoods, a comfortable weight and length, and a durable leather tip ensures not just a great game but also the longevity of your cue. A two-piece design adds convenience and a solid warranty provides additional peace of mind. Embarking on your billiards journey with the right cue sets a strong foundation, enhancing your skills, and ensuring each game is a step towards mastery. Make the investment count by choosing wisely and playing passionately.


What is the ideal length and weight for a pool cue for beginners?

The ideal length for a pool cue is typically around 57-58 inches, and the weight should range from 18 to 21 ounces. Beginners should select a cue that feels balanced and comfortable to handle, ensuring ease of use and better control during play.

What material should I look for when buying a pool cue as a beginner?

Opt for cues made from quality hardwoods like Canadian or Australian hardwood for durability and consistency. These materials provide stability and a solid hit, contributing positively to your game experience as a beginner.

Are two-piece pool cues a good option for beginners?

Yes, two-piece pool cues are a great choice for beginners. They are convenient to transport and store, making them practical for players who may not have a dedicated space for a full-length cue.

 How important is the tip of the pool cue for beginners?

The tip of the pool cue is crucial for beginners. A multi-layer leather tip is recommended for better ball control and accuracy. Ensure the tip is firmly attached and of high quality for optimal game performance.

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